the dress of all dresses

W Photography orange oneThis is where things just get ridiculous.

This dress. This ever-loving sweet holy mary dress. This little lady is by far the biggest splurge of my life. I somehow convinced Kenny that I deserved this dress for my birthday and it took a village. I called on him and my mom and his mom and on myself to get this number. And that was all after it went on sale!

I first saw it on my blogger idol and was obsessed. Hers was obviously the poppier version but when Jess found it in this color combo, I fell in even more love. She was equally as obsessed and toyed with splurging on it as her rehearsal dinner option, so I just sat there quietly until she told me she was passing. I then worked on Kenny and upon receiving the green light, pulled the trigger and proceeded to pass out.

But come on everybody on the face of the earth, this thing is a dream. I am not even going to talk about the silk or the length or the two-tone or the backless back because I just can’t. Do you see now why this is the other dress that doesn’t even hang in my closet? How can I dare hang this next to a Forever 21 tank and J.Crew Factory button down? That would be insulting.

Given its glory, I had to wait for the right time to debut it on the blog. And what better time than on the island with the talents of Whitney to capture it all. I may or may not be printing portraits of these to hang above my bed. Judge me.

W Photography orange two too W Photography orange two W Photography orange three W Photography orange four W Photography orange fiveW Photography orange seven W Photography orange eight W Photography orange nineTibi dress (from last year but similar here) | necklace from boutique in Charleston

images by W Photography

BIG THANKS to Whitney for capturing such beautiful images for this little blog here. And if any of you ever find yourself in need of a photographer around the Hilton Head area, you MUST seek her out. Seriously. Just seriously.

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