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As many of my friends have heard me say many a times, I don’t really believe in anything. But if I were to believe in something, I think number one would be tacos. Number two would be barre.

I’ve been committed to some kind of barre method workout for the last three or four years. And like those who have been doing the same, I am all about it because it has really provided me with the results I’ve always been looking for. It’s the kind of workout that can be enjoyed and sustained for the long-haul. I have yet to feel the burnout that I have with commitments past (like when I was a runner and once ran a marathon, or when I drank the cross-fit kool-aid).

So when I was contacted to try out The Barre Code, a new barre studio that just opened downtown, I absolutely took up the offer. In fact, both Annie and I took up the offer and got our booties kicked.

Again, I am a committed barre worker-outer. Even through this pregnancy, I’m still maintaining two to three classes a week (as best I can). I fear no squats and I fear no pulsing. I thought I could handle this one, no problema. What’s the old adage? Confidence-iousity killed the cat?

This barre class was hard. There was no messing around, no stopping, no nonsense. And listen – that is not at all a bad thing – it was more intense than my normal and for some, that would be what they really need out of barre (Annie girl was totally into it). And even though it felt more intense, it definitely hit on all the key elements of barre, so I know it will produce results, which is why we’re all there in the first place.

The Barre Code is a franchised studio, with many a location across the country. Cincinnati’s downtown spot is Ohio’s first and I think that will play to its advantage. And speaking of advantages, I think this studio is perfect for the downtown living or working girl. If you dwell downtown, or work downtown, there’s now this solid studio option to commit to. Annie lives just a few blocks away, so I met her at her apartment, we took the short walk together to the studio. That right there is who I think this studio is designed to most benefit and serve.

So if this is speaking to you on some great level, know that I’ve got great news for you… (and we’re talking quite the serious giveaway…)

The Barre Code would like to offer one OUT + OUTFIT reader a free month membership of unlimited classesThat is a seriously awesome offer for someone looking to either dive in or jumpstart something great.

Now to enter, you gotta show your support.  First, and most importantly, like the post that has been shared on the OUT + OUTFIT page (that will be how I keep track of entrants). Then make sure to like the OUT + OUTFIT page (if you haven’t already, wink) and like and follow The Barre Code on both Facebook and Instagram. Winner will be announced early next week, and we’ll be checking to make sure you are a liker across the board…good luck!

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