tanon leather goods

I’m pretty excited about this one today as it hits a number of bingos when it comes to the things I love.

Meet Tanon Leather Goods, a Cincinnati-based premium leather goods company, whose passion and mission is to provide quality monogramed leather cases for your phone, wallet, and Airpods alike. The fact that this is a local company is reason numero uno to know and support them.

The second thing that makes me love this post and this company is that I can have a streamlined matching set between my phone, wallet, and (soon-to-be-owned) pair of Airpods. I literally love when things match, especially with those matching things are subtle and neutral and straight to the point, so to have a matching iPhone case, wallet, and Airpod case brings so much joy to my orderly heart.

So in the end what we’ve got here is a quality product, tastefully designed as something that can be matched across the board for my pieces, all from a local company? Sold, sold, and sold.

If you want to be like me (and Kenny (KWH) for the record), know you can check out Tanon’s leather goods by heading here. And better yet, input offer code OutAndOutfit for 10% off your first order.

Happy matching monogramming shopping from local Tanon!

Thanks Tanon for partnering on this post! Excited to know and share you!

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