tablespoon cooking co class

This was one of those experiences that after having done just one, I totally get the point and the appeal and now I want to do so many more.

Tablespoon Cooking Co is a local hands-on cooking class intended for all levels of chefs-in-the-making, in order to branch out and explore all types of cooking styles, recipes, and experiences. The classes are taught by owner Chef Jordan Hamons and held in the awesomely spacious Findlay Test Kitchen. Annie and I were able to steal away one Thursday night for the Soups + Sandwiches course, where we were instructed on how to whip up two seriously fall-tastic soups, and assemble two decadently delicious sammies. Both of us were pretty blown away by the whole shebang, the fun and energetic environment, and what we ultimately walked away with. Overall, what Jordan’s got going on is a really good thing.

If you are one of those who loves a good cooking class, then you definitely need to check out a TBSP one. While I’ve done a cooking class or two in my day, I’m not super versed in what they are all really like, but what I can say is this one is great for those looking for the experience to be something that feels carefree and serious at the same time. And by serious I simply mean you will really be learning and making and mixing, but you will be doing so while sipping on beer and/or wine and chatting up the new friends stationed across from you at the shared work space. There will also be tons of interacting with Jordan and her team of chefs, so you feel like you’re both in the know, while also working on getting better at something. For those reasons alone, you’ve got to sign up.

In the end, Annie was the clear varsity player and I was barely on the freshman squad, but as we all know, I am not the chef in my family. (In fact, true story that just happened yesterday – all I had to do to make dinner was defrost some frozen chili Kenny made last week, and I dumped it into the saucepan, placed it on the stove top, and didn’t realize until like an hour later that I had actually turned on the burner behind the one I placed the pot on. Not joking.) But again, the class was awesome, because not only did we get to reap what we sowed by noshing on the soup and sandwiches that we made with our own two hands, but we had SO MUCH to take home. We both walked out with about three containers of soup and half a sandwich of each of the ones we made (so basically a whole sandwich). If you are making a date out of this, know that you’ll be provided happy hour-like cocktails, a hands on experience, a completely satisfying dinner, and then plenty to take home and enjoy for days and days. That is why a Tablespoon Cooking Co class is totally a must to do!

Thanks to Jordan and the team behind her for allowing Annie and I the opportunity to test out what they’re all cookin’ – we’re clearly fans and hoping to sign up for more here soon!

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