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Here is why shopping at trusted local boutiques is awesome.

On a free Friday afternoon a few weeks ago, I paid my buds at Idlewild Woman a visit. And per usual, I perused the selection, gravitating towards my norms – oversized and chunky knit Ulla sweaters, MOTHER Denim in every cut, color, and wash, and this ridiculously unreal smokin’ hot Rhine dress that I’d have no place to wear but want nonetheless. Together with Tessa (Grind and Glaze designer of Project Runway acclaim and fame) and Jessica (IW co-owner and fellow Terrace Park neighbor), I filled up a dressing room and went on to have myself one happy happy hour.

Then as I was about to literally and figuratively wrap it up, Jessica says “here, try this on” and it was this straightforward yet sweetly detailed Apiece Apart sweatshirt that I completely overlooked. However the second it was on, I was sold.

And that’s just it. Time and time again, whenever I’m shopping boutiques, I end up walking out with something that I completely love that I didn’t even see coming, all because the owner rightfully suggested it. I’ve told this story countless times with other boutique I know and love and shop, but because it happened yet again, I am only confirmed in why keeping it local and personable is just once again, a really good way to go.

Apiece Apart sweatshirt | MOTHER denim (bought secondhand off of Tessa’s Instagram) | Kate Spade crossbody | Converse sneakers | Le Specs sunnies

images by Annie Jagoditz

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