statement jumpsuit

This is one of those that I might actually only wear one time. But I am okay with that.

I mean, holy sweet bold jumpsuit Batman. I knew what I was doing when I snagged this but I literally couldn’t help myself. I needed something festive and fancy for a charity polo match and this not-so-subtle stunner delivered just that. Rich color and shoulder-to-toe print is a statement, and a statement I am happy to have made at least once. But hey, maybe I’ll figure out how to rock it in different and other ways here soon. Like, anyone I partied with at the polo match not going to Keeneland this fall? Oh great, perfect.

And then if nothing else, at least I got to lounge in it at 21c for an afternoon. Score.

Wabler Ruffled jumpsuit (on sale…)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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