spring gathering of the bacchanalian society of cincinnati

Mark your calendar folks because the spring gathering of the Bacchanalian Society of Cincinnati will be held on Thursday May 28 at Ault Park. The wine selection will be malbec and the event will benefit Cancer Family Care.

For those unfamiliar, the Bacchanalian Society of Cincinnati is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that is led by a dedicated team of officers and a passionate, diverse group of hosts.

The society was founded in Cincinnati in 2002 by Todd Fisher, Kevin Ghassomian, and Ashley Hess, three late-twenty-something friends who were new to town and eager to expand their social and professional networks. Using an innovative model of wine tasting, their small circle of friends soon grew and their gatherings quickly became standing-room-only events. In time, the three friends brought conviction to the revelry by using their growing numbers to help charities organize and conduct their own wine tastings.

By helping charities organize and conduct wine tastings four times a year, the Bacchanalian Society integrates social and professional networking with philanthropy. The wine tastings attract a diverse mix of inquisitive, young professionals (wine novices and wine experts alike) to join on common ground for the benefit of charity. Everyone 21 and over is welcome.

Again, while this is designed to be a charitable networking event, it is also designed to be a fun and active wine-tasting competition. Thus, there are rules:

  • A different wine varietal is featured at each event (this event being malbec). Teams, consisting of one to three participants, are admitted by bringing three bottles of the same featured varietal to the event.
  • At the event, two of each team’s three bottles are bagged, tagged, and ranked by each participant. The third bottle is set aside and left unopened.
  • The teams that brought the five highest ranked wines divvy up each team’s third unopened bottle, except for the lowest ranked wine, which will be returned to the team that brought it. If two or more teams bring the same wine, rankings can still differ depending upon the temperature of the wine, how long it has been open, etc. Must be present to win.
  • Please remember, teams can consist of one to three participants. Therefore, a group of four participants, for example, will be considered two teams and must bring six bottles of the featured varietal to enter the event.

Pre-registration tickets can be purchased here for $15 or $20 at the door.

So again, whether this is new to you or you are a longtime participant, I encourage you and your friends to form a team and attend! And while I’ll be the one who is hovering eerily close to your table, eaves dropping and hanging on to every last description that you utter, know that I am so excited to get involved with this organization and will definitely be a full on engager once my nine-month cleanse is over…

Check back here and here for more information as the date gets closer!


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