spotted in mount adams

DSCF2398| Bod & Christensen leather jacket via T.J.Maxx (found on Ebay but similar here) |

I almost titled this post beeline because that is precisely what I did when I saw this jacket from across the bar.  I was mid-conversation when I just stopped talking, marched right over to this cutie, and lead with “tell me everything about this jacket.”  I mean, it’s insane.  Leather.  Oversized collar.  Heavy yet soft on the inside.  How do I know it’s heavy and soft?  Oh because she took it off and I put it on.  It happened.

But my new friend here, Syd Meinking, was just as enthusiastic about this jacket as I was.  She shared that it was a super score from her local T.J.Maxx on mega, hyper sale.  We are talking a lot of percent off (which meant hundreds of dollars discounted).  It’s clearly real leather and it’s clearly an excellent investment piece.  She even mentioned that there was one more left in the same size and I was thisclose to cutting her a check on the spot to go pick it up for me.  Still thinking about it.

Regardless, she was an honest-to-goodness style spot and what a style spot it was.  She’s as nice as the day is long and that jacket is just utterly worth talking about.

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