shop small + cyber monday

Saturday was Shop Small Saturday, today is Cyber Monday, and for this post, I’ve got a little bit of both.

If you’re staying on the internet, pop over to DIFF Eyewear and check out their sunglasses, in particular this Barry pair. There are so many things I like about DIFF Eyewear and I want to run through them quickly. For one, they are a get-and-give-back company, donating a pair of glasses for every pair purchased. Two, their sunglasses come in at a really solid price point, with nearly all pairs under $100. Better yet with that price point, the lenses are polarized, which as you know, makes all the difference. Finally, you can find both classic and trendy styles, which is what I like in a good pair of sunglasses. For all of those reasons, I am definitely a fan of DIFF.

However, if you are still in the shop small spirit (and you are a Cincinnati local) know you can find this awesome winter coat at Monkee’s of Madeira. Like the above, there are so many things I like about this jacket and I want to run through them quickly. For one, its green color is a new addition to my collection, and I like it for that, as well as its neutral-ability. Two, the puffer accents can be zipped out, which means this coat is a two-for-one. Three, its cocoon-like shape makes it both comfortable and stylish, so it feels like something beyond just function. For all of those reasons, I have a feeling this one is going to be the one that puts off me buying another jacket many times over.

Caio Milano jacket from Monkee’s of Madeira | DIFF Eyewear sunnies

images by Annie Jagoditz

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