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Happy Friday homies. Today there are a couple of things that I want to remind you about, a couple of things I want to bring to your attention, and just a couple of things I want to say. So to end this week, I’m just going to put it all out there.

First and foremost, you’ve entered the Rebecca Minkoff Rafflecopter giveaway right? It ends tonight, winner will be announced via Instagram tomorrow, and you know you could add that boldly awesome statement to your collection. Every girl needs a Minkideemink.

And know that the point of this giveaway is to say thanks. All of the bloggers involved are super cool, unique and distinct, and are worth getting to know. We’ve come together because we’re like-minded and have some seriously cool plans, so we wanted to take this opportunity to generate some interest, all the while letting you know that we appreciate you. Because we very much appreciate you.

Refer back to this post to find the links to check out each blogger.

Now how about something just for me…

boc15_votenow-728x582If you haven’t already, I would very much appreciate you taking a moment to vote for me for Best of Cincinnati blog! I promise thank you tacos to all if this ends up in my favor…click here to get to the ballot.

Now how about something for you all…

3-20130807-130200Cincy Organic Stylebar at Alba Beauty Studio in Hyde Park/Oakley is now offering specialty cocktails, as well as traditional favorites in their newly renovated spacious lounge. Owners Andrea and Ashley Lauren realized that having a lounge and being able to serve cocktails would be the perfect next step in their full service salon/blowout bar concept. Now customers can stop in to “get beautified” and enjoy a delicious cocktail as well.

Someone please go take advantage of this awesome service and report back to me with excruciating detail. I love living vicariously.

Now just because…

o-HUMANS-OF-NEW-YORK-VIDAL-CHASTANET-facebookPlease tell me you’ve been following this Humans of New York story?

Hopefully, you are and have been a HONY fan for a while now and have watched Vidal and Ms. Lopez’s story unfold before your eyes. If you weren’t or haven’t been a long time fan, chances are you’ve heard about these two and their school because it’s been all over the news. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, get to know what I’m talking about.

In short, Vidal, a middle schooler from a rough neighborhood, was randomly photographed and asked who inspires him most. He responded that his principal, Ms. Lopez, does because she told him that he mattered. Brandon, the photographer, decided to follow up with Ms. Lopez and ultimately ended up profiling her, her school, and the teachers. He then asked how he could help, and Ms. Lopez shared that she just wanted to raise enough money to send a class of students to Harvard to inspire them to dream big. Their goal was to raise $100,000 and within a matter of days, they raised over $700,000. Currently, they’re over a million. At the $700,000 mark, they committed to funding the next ten years of Harvard field trips for every student, as well as funding summer school programs. At that point, they also instituted a tracked scholarship fund to ensure it continues for years. And this year’s first recipient will be Vidal.

I love everything about Humans of New York. This particular story, Brandon, the photographer’s story, the blog story itself, is just plain inspiring. Following HONY’s blog, Facebook, and Instagram is one of my most favorite things. The honesty, the vulnerability, the positivity, the quirkiness that HONY is able to capture and project is incredible. Furthermore, the sheer good that Brandon does and has done, his ability to harness social media for such good, makes me so happy. I feel like I know Vidal and Ms. Lopez and seeing their success and experiences just unfold daily always makes me happy. Get on board if you’re not.

I mean, seriously, look where things can take you…

p020515ps-0466So I think that’s it. Hopefully you all have a nice little weekend ahead of you, that you make some plans, do some good, and have a good one.

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