ruffle front military jacket

Oh hey again.

I wanted to do an immediate follow up post to share this military jacket. I had it on yesterday’s look, but I wanted to divide and conquer the whole look because I knew I only wanted to talk about the tee yesterday and then give this one its due credit today. So I saved all the shots of the complete look for its own post.

Now getting right down to it, know that I believe having an army green military / cargo jacket is an absolute wardrobe staple essential. I’ve had one from J.Crew for years and have turned to it time and time again, but I was a bit ready for an upgraded or different version. I initially felt silly shopping for another when I simply had one, but this kind of jacket is like a pair of jeans, or a black blazer – you actually can stand to have a few different versions of the same thing. So I went out in search of a different version of the same thing and of course, scored at Banana. All it took was the ruffle detail and I was in. Got exactly what I was looking for.

Banana Republic jacket (and then simply head back one post for complete outfit details if interested)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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