romualdo tailoring experience vol. 2

While it was weeks in the making, my custom blazer from Romualdo finally arrived. And now it is all I can think about.

Should we start at the beginning? This thing is gorgeous. So very very gorgeous. And while I was able to draw up and decide on each individual detail, I am still blown away by the way in which it all came together. I mean, I knew it would be good, I just didn’t know it would be this good.

Now, let’s get into the specifics…

This jacket was constructed using a Grey Hopsack wool with natural stretch. Hopsack provides the perfect texture for a blazer that separates it from a flat wool suit jacket. And then as for the cut and shape, I was absolutely drawn to a one button, double breasted closure with a peak lapel. I love how these angles keep the formal aspects of a blazer, while also offering some sharp detailing that makes it feel more fashionably signature.

Other elements to note include the center vent, with slanted pockets and flaps (which were an added feature) and the chest welt pocket. Together, those elements honor many of the traditions of suiting and tailoring. And as always, Romualdo’s custom jackets are fully lined with a horsehair lining that molds and moves with the body.

My favorite detail though has to be the one-button functional sleeve. When buttoned, the length is perfect, which allows me to look professional and polished (when need be). But then when I want the jacket to be “dressed down,” I can unbutton and flip up the sleeves to expose the lining that I chose. Since part of the custom experience is choosing every detail of the jacket to make it patently original, I went with a bright and fun lining, which depicts colorful sketches of London. I was drawn to the bright color splashes behind the black graphic scenes. Together, that all made it feel both sharp and spunky, and I loved the idea of having such a vibrant interior behind what can be perceived as a pretty traditional staple exterior.

I am getting excited thinking about all the ways in which I want to style this jacket. On the one hand, it is pretty easy to think about this one working in the traditional sense, with black pants or slacks and some kind of collared blouse underneath. To that I say, of course! That is a great call and reason enough to get a custom fit blazer made.

However, as seen here, I also wanted to consider how this could work in other ways. Paired with some distressed denim, a trendy velvet tank, and then going for a pop with a sequins clutch is one way to edge it up, for either drinks or a night out on the town. The parts that make up this outfit are currently my signature moves, so in that regard, I was able to bring this blazer right into my wheelhouse comfort zone.

But I also want you to know I am obsessed with the idea of going further. I am on the hunt for something flowy, something chiffony, something light and airy to go underneath. I envision a maxi, or a pleated midi skirt, one with flowers and colors. I want to ride this one into the spring, and play with the contrast of what may be more feminine against what may be more structured and masculine. That is what really excites me about this blazer, and I hope to see it all come together soon.

Needless to say, I am pretty enamored by both the Romualdo experience and the Romualdo final product. This jacket is stunning and I am lucky to be able to show it all off to you. Looking forward to many more stylings to come…

Romualdo blazer c/o | Ann Taylor tank | SIWY denim | Aldo slides (these would be just as fun) | Santi clutch (obsessed with this one)

images by Annie Jagoditz 

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