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As if impeccable service and an amazing interior aesthetic of modern-meets-history isn’t enough, Ironworks Hotel Indy has Rize, which might be worth the booking alone.

Rize is the hotel’s in-house breakfast and lunch restaurant that can be dined-in in or ordered as room service. Kenny and I sprung for it as room service the morning of our stay, and both of us were giggling through each and every bite, because each and every bite of our bonanza of an order was bananas. We ordered like it was our last meal and just like any last meal should be, there were no regrets.

Kenny ordered more sugar-carb-pastry-types than he ever allows himself to do and never did I feel more in love. He sprung for a cinnamon roll the size of an iPad, a trio of waffles topped with a duo of crumbles (brown butter and bacon), and a pop tart that left me praying they become the next bakery it-girl (like, move over donuts and cronuts and cupcake ATMs).

And then along side the sweets were the savories. There was the avocado toast with a refreshingly crisp fennel and radish slaw, and the chicken hash that sat atop crispy potatoes with tomato-fennel gravy, while a sunny side duck egg sat atop that. We ordered like kings and ate it like kings, passing the plates back-and-forth while wearing robes and sitting propped up in bed. It was glorious.

So again, everything that Ironworks is offering is impressive. The entire boutique hotel layout is sharp, each individual room is just plain masculinely cool, and the food that is accessible either by proximity or request is as good as any fine dining establishment. Ironworks and Rize, you’ve got it going on.


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