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queen bMy girlfriends and I got together over the weekend in Louisville for the Beyonce concert and to catch up on some much needed lady time.  The weekend kicked off with signature cocktails made by our very own Queen B (Brittany Hampton) and took off from there.  We were upgraded to box seats (thanks again to BHamp) and that was the ultimate move.  Most of my pictures of night and of the Diva herself didn’t turn out great, but there were a few fun shots of these girls who run the world.

photo-6photo-5photo-1Only a few pictures look like the ones above.  Most turned out like this:

photo-2And this:

photo-3And this:

photo-4Barely any of these:

photo-2Even though the pictures don’t do it justice, the concert was seriously amazing.  Beyonce literally got me through my first marathon because her jams just fire me up.  Now image that in concert, with an all female band, glitter on glitter on glitter, and a weave that went on for days, and you can image what it’s like for my heart to be on the verge of exploding.

(order is from featured image)

Brittany | Urban Outfitters dress | Anthropologie necklace (similar)

Lindsey | Express dress (similar) | Forever 21 leather jacket (similar)

moi | Zara top | Kenzie fur vest (similar on the higher end) | Madewell ponte pant | Francesca’s necklaces (similar and I wore two, a white one and a teal one that I flipped around to wear on the gold side)

Sally | Zara blouse | Nordstrom Rack wax coated pants (similar) | Stella and Dot tassel necklace

Molly | Urban Outfitters dress | H&M blazer (similar)

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