public service announcement

This is just a sneak peak teaser of a possible holiday soiree outfit in the works.  Stay tuned.

But the real reason for the short post is a PSA I have to deliver.  Remember my most favorite striped Madewell top seen here, here, and here?  I was never able to find it online so I only linked a similar top BUT I was just at Madewell last night (picking out the above skirt) and I saw that they had a handful on sale in the back.  If I were me, I’d call Kenwood right now, ask them to grab my size and save it so that I can go get it as soon as possible.  I’m not kidding, I’d do it.  I just recently wore it to work with a plaid button down (similar to this) and these pants and it was awesome.  Seriously.  It’s a wonder top.  It can do no wrong.

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