pretty pony boutique spring preview

pretty pony boutiqueMy friend Cassie, owner of Pretty Pony Boutique, an online jewelry boutique, held a preview of her new spring collection at her home this past weekend.  She had two full tables with tons of new pieces, designs, and colors, which I studied and circled a dozen times.  I couldn’t decide what I was more drawn to.  First, I found myself staring down the bright oversized baubles with beading detail.  Then I couldn’t keep my paws off the pastel ditties with clusters of jewels.  She also had a number of awesome bracelets that I kept going back to because they were gorgeous.  I just kept thinking stack this one, with this one, with these.  Surprised?

All in all, it was a total success for her and an absolute blast for anyone completely in love with wearing as many statement necklaces as possible (me).  Stay tuned for something exciting coming up from the two of us, as well as some outfit posts with the darlings I walked out with :)

pretty pony boutique pretty pony boutique pretty pony boutique pretty pony boutique pretty pony boutiqueFavorites | The Pheobe | The Megan | The Marie Multi | The Gemma | The Bree

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