poppy pop

This outfit is simple and yet also so many things.

First, the denim. I live in black in the winter, white in the summer, and since I am very into button front, I would of course need to have these.

Second, I used to not be a big t-shirt wearer, but that has slowly but surely changed thanks to tees with an accent. I like them with ruffles, I like them with knot-ties, and I now especially like them with hand-stitched embroidery plus a knot-tie.

Third, I can’t stop carrying this bag. I’ve got other summer bags, and I try to consider them, but I only always turn to this one. Go buy it right now if you haven’t already. It is worth being like everyone else. Trust me.

Fourth, I am very pumped about these shoes. I loved them the second I came across them months ago, but I held off pulling the trigger because they seemed more fall, but I ultimately went ahead and got them because I didn’t want to lose out on them before the fall, however I think I’ll be walking right into summer with them because they are really that good. Again, very pumped.

So that is both everything and not all everything about this look. There is easily more to each and every piece, but it can just as easily be left there. Regardless, know that all together this is such a fun one for me.

Banner Day tee (sadly sold out everywhere but familiarize yourself with the brand because they have lots of cool) | Madewell denim | Jeffery Campbell mules | bag from Olive + Pepper | Karen Walker sunnies

images by Annie Jagoditz

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