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I cleaned out my closet in a fit of rage the other weekend and ended up with three enormous bags – one to sell, one to donate, and one to trash. And the region that endured the biggest purging was the sweater section.

It was just time. Many were worn, ill-fitting, or just not my taste anymore. And yet sweaters were what I was constantly craving. Every outfit I dreamed up involved some kind of sweater component and I didn’t have much to work with. So even though I was feeling super anxious to scrap everything and start brand new, I knew I needed to be strategic when shopping, looking only for pieces that will work time and time again. I have to say this new Madewell sweater was definitely what I was missing among my own racks. Neutral, loose, long in the front and in the back, layerable, not to mention comfortable. This sweater fit the bill so I snatched it up and then wore it two days in a row. Sorry I’m not.

Madewell sweater with a stripe Madewell beige sweater MadewellMadewell sweater | Gap tee | Madewell denim (get these please) | Toms wedges | J.Crew necklace

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  • Reply rachel February 4, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    I find that sweaters are so hard to shop for – always fitting the wrong way or are the wrong material! Glad you found one you like!


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