out on the pedal wagon

pedal wagonOne of my oldest, dearest, most favorite friends Megan (we’re talking childhood across-the-street neighbor, college dorm room roommate, and this past summer’s big Europe trip traveling companion kind of friend), is moving to Dallas at the end of the month.  Devastating for me, very lucrative career move for her husband, whatevs.  However, the upside is that her sister planned a surprise Sunday Funday out around town on the Pedal Wagon. Which is exactly how we all want to send these two off.

I’ve done the wagon before when I crashed a bachelorette party and I can attest to it being a blast.  What I find to be exceptionally hilarious is that when everyone is settled in and the driver tells you to pedal, you feel like you are working at Tour de France speed but you’re barely moving along.  But that’s part of the fun.  You’re cruising around downtown, popping into different spots, and enjoying the ride and the attention along the way.  Oh!  And the other great perk is that there are specials at each spot you stop at, which is an extra incentive to try what they’ve got going on.

On this particular trip, we started at Rhinehaus to catch the wagon, popped into Bullseye for some complimentary bull riding, swung by Motr Pub for a great drink special, and then ended at Neon’s for the last round and a grilled bite to eat before heading out to watch the Cats make it into the Final Four.  All in all, a pretty sweet little Sunday, for a very sweet little friend.  So if you are ever looking to get out to a few spots downtown on a nice sunny day, I definitely suggest rounding up a crew for the Pedal Wagon.  You’ll love it.

pedal wagon pedal wagonMegan’s the one in green hopping on the bus.  She’s delicate so she was probably waiting for assistance.

pedal wagonthe gals (who were all bridesmaids in her wedding)

pedal wagonand the whole gang.

and then there were some outtakes…

pedal wagon pedal wagonThe above picture perfectly sums up the fact that I, as well as everyone else, gets the biggest kick out of Megan (who is running across the screen).  The only one staring at her who may not necessarily be amused is her husband.  Hilarious.

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