out in louisville (for a derby girls weekend)

the girlsThe stars aligned and my girlfriends and I were all able to get together in Louisville, using the Derby as an excuse.  Could not have asked for a better weekend.  The weather, the friends, the plans, all made for just one of those good ones that you really need every once in a while.

We celebrated Derby by bouncing around a few house parties.  By doing so, we were really able to just hang out and enjoy the company, rather than navigating the crowds and looking for the likes of Justin Timberlake on Millionaires Row (which is all I would have done had I actually gone to the track).  The parties were great, but I have to say, my dear Louisvillian hostesses, Molly and Brittany, really knew how to treat a foodie who was in town.

Derby eve kicked off with a set four-course meal at Basa, a modern vietnamese restaurant, which my girls picked as a birthday treat.  Every course had a seafood option so imagine my delight.  Shrimp caesar salad, crab cakes, lobster, surf-and-turf, all amazing.  I felt like we got the royal treatment that Lou was rolling out for its big weekend.

Basa(barely snapped any pictures because I was too excited to be there)

The next morning started off with a bang.  Early morning chit chat over coffee, quick run to CVS for fake eye lashes, and champagne while getting ready got us off on the right foot.  We then grabbed brunch together before the chaos of parties began at the adorably cool Village Anchor.  So good.  The spread was amazing, which held up to the incredible tour-de-food standard that was being held.  It was actually really nice to start the day with a little ladies brunch because the rest of the day was about hanging out with friends old and new, so we all got to catch up before the celebrations really got going.

As far as good goes, I can speak for the sweet potato fries, fish tacos, and blue cheese biscuits.  Yum.my.  If you ever find yourself in Anchorage Kentucky, swing by this spot for sure.

Village Anchor Village Anchor sweet potatoe fries Village Anchor fish tacos Village Anchor steak and biscuitsActually, you know what the best part was?  The bills were served in lusty romance novels.  For anyone who knows my girlfriends, take one guess as to who made a game out of who could find the steamiest passage first. (Of course it was Molly.)

Village Anchor checks Village Anchor romance novelsthe galsAgain, being around close friends for a gorgeous weekend out of town was the absolute best.

I’ll be doing a full on outfit post for my jumpsuit, but if you’d like any ideas for what you do see above, check out these options:

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    The food and drinks at Village Anchor look awesome! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in the area.

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