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Kenny in AshevilleOn our way to Hilton Head this year, Kenny and I decided to take an extra day and spend the night in Asheville North Carolina. We had heard nothing but great things from a number of people and since it was also the perfect distance to break up the drive, we went for it.

We are avid users of VRBO when in need and we love it. This time was no exception. We stayed in this sweet little cabin that was up in some mountains that had all we would need plus a decent little view. For a one night crash, it was perfect.

VRBO in AshevilleWhile most people think of the Biltmore when considering Asheville, we were there for the brewery scene. Asheville boasts eighteen craft breweries, which is the highest per capita than any other US city and basically Kenny Holocher’s dream.

Kenny’s younger brother had just been there the week before and he provided us with an experienced itinerary of where and what to try. We totally followed his lead. We also played a game. I have an embarrassing history of ordering just awful beers because I never know what I’m doing, so I left it up to Ken to pick two at every spot. We’d then each try both and on the count of three, point to our favorite. Fifty percent of the time we chose the same beer every time.

Lab beersAt Lexington Avenue Brewery, the one on the right was the winner, which was some sort of cream ale.

Green Man beersAt Greenman Brewery, the one on the right was the winner and I don’t even remember what it was.

Burial beersAt Burial Beer Co, it was neither for me and both for Kenny because they were sour beers, which I discovered I hated and he discovered he loved.

Wicked Weed samplerBut the best of them all was Wicked Weed Brewing, where we stayed the longest and didn’t really play the game. Here we both sampled a number and each went for different and seriously awesome beers. The four sampled above were crazy. There was some kind of rosemary basil beer and one with cucumber and something else fruity. All were great and all I can remember is that I loved the second from left, which was a sangria beer that I ordered over and over again. I’m looking into if they can ship directly to my house.

Wicked Weed beerSome breweries were big and business-like (Lexington and Wicked Weed) and others were garages with fans and a few bar stools (Green Man and Burial) but that’s all part of the fun. All were within walking distance so if your a beerie, then Asheville is worth a trip.

Green Man BreweryGreen Man Brewery 

Burial BreweryBurial Beer Co

new friend at Burial Brewerybeer connoisseur we met at Burial

Wicked Weed BreweryWicked Weed beers Wicked Weed chips and calamariWicked Weed Brewery (which also had amazing chips and calamari)

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    First of all Kenny looks awesome in these photos. You should send the various pictures to the breweries you visited. The pictures and stories you told about each of the breweries were outstanding. You have talent for sure.

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