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party busOh man. It feels good to feel good again. Being sick and unable to take any antibiotics is no joke. Luckily, I was functionally fine on Christmas Eve last week, which is when we mainly celebrated with our families, but every other day was a complete wash. So I’m starting the New Year right now.

But before the nostalgia of last year and a slew of NYE outfits hits these pages, I do want to share some major fun that was had last weekend before I went down for the count.

The Christmas Party Bus. This night is always a big one and always one to look forward to. The guys treat themselves to a Precinct dinner, and the girls catch a bite themselves, and then we all meet up on a bus to hit a number of fun hot spots for a night out on the town.

Honestly, this year’s was easily one of the best. Everyone was happy and festive and hilarious and the gentlemen really took the cake getting down to Uptown Funk on repeat on the rides in between.

the party bus the bus the partyWe started at 50 West, a favorite of the group, and then on to a new spot, that I know will be a fast favorite for all. Myrtle’s Punch House.

This spot was absolutely killer. Excellent and open vibe, an awesomely cozy and nook-eqsue basement with live music, and full bar with an emphasis on punches. The fun part about the punch is that you can order by the bowl to then ladle out and share with friends. That alone makes it completely worth it and the mixtures looked amazing. So while I can only speak to what they looked like, everyone who had one loved it. It took us a while to rally the group and leave this place because it was a pretty awesome spot for the near 30 of us who were there. I can’t wait to go back (late summer, early fall 2015).

the chalkboard punch bowlThe night then ended with some time spent at Northside Tavern, a drop off in OTR, and finally an extra tip for the driver to take the rest of the crew to Tostados (where we walked in and out). I crawled into bed while the rest of our house guests curled up on the couch to watch Christmas Vacation while waiting for Ramundos.

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty great little/big Christmas Party Bus night. I’m already looking forward to my redo next year.

Obscura menuI’d also like to say, the weekend continued with the annual Holocher siblings night. While we’ve done all sorts of things, from game night at someone’s house to catching Colin Jost at the Funny Bone, this year was just about dinner and drinks. Dinner was at Via Vite (where I obviously went with the skate wing) and drinks were had at Obscura.

One new fun thing about Obscura for me was discovering their virgin menu with some fun little drinks, which is my new jam. I’ve been trying all sorts of carbonated fruity mocktails around this town, and it has been hilarious. Especially when Kenny takes a sip of whatever I order and then is all like whoa, wow, that is soooo good! Seriously, so good. I love it. I always laugh and say it’s fine and then he’s like no seriously, it is so good, so so good, I love it. I honestly appreciate his enthusiasm. Overcompensating or not.

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    what a fun idea!!! and i want to try that punch house!

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