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Abigail's Street menuI’m going to follow yesterday’s post about splurging at Nada by sharing how Kenny and I rounded out the most indulgent few days we’ve had in a while.  While none of these spots are new to the blog, there are some new treats that are worth talking about.

First treat was a date to Abigail Street.  We decided to go there last Friday night because why not.  We had a cocktail at The Lackman then opted to sit at the bar at Abigail’s.  We each chose our three favorite must haves from the menu and two really great things happened.  The first was that we tried a new menu item, the tuna crudo.  It was awesome.  The only unfortunate part was that right as that dish was served, I was in the midst of telling some story, so Kenny had many opportunities to just nod along and take the greater portion of the dish.  I would be mad except another great thing happened.  I chose the mussels as my must have item and Kenny took one bite and said he didn’t want any.  So I didn’t have to share.  I’ve never loved him more.

Abigail's Street La ChouffeI think I’ve mentioned this before but Abigail Street serves (certain) beer in wine bottle size and wine in tapped kegs.  Kenny orders La Chouffe by the liter because it’s his favorite.

Abigail's Street wine Abigail's Street musselsImagine that bowl tripling in size by the end of the night.  I could eat mussels for dayzzz.

Dutch's smoked chickenAnd because that wasn’t enough Friday night, we decided to go to Dutch’s for lunch Saturday afternoon because Kenny had to share with me the world’s greatest chicken sandwich.  This really is the world’s greatest chicken sandwich.  The chicken is smoked and pulled and it’s all piled together with thick cut bacon, thick cut bleu cheese, some apple chutney spread, and arugula.  That is just plain laughable.  As if Dutch’s needed to give me another reason to be obsessed.

Dutch's smoked chicken sandwich Dutch'sTalk to me folks, anything I must get out there and try?

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  • Reply Mercedes June 9, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    If you love mussels, you MUST go to Zula in OTR. You will not be disappointed.

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