out at yard house

Last week during spring break a number of ladies that I work with got together for dinner and drinks.  We’ve made plans like this before during the summer and since it was such a blast, we knew we needed to do it again.  We met at Yard House for dinner, which I think is the best big bar/restaurant down at the Banks.  Now, it is one of those massive restaurants, with a menu the size of the Vogue September issue, and even though I am one to preach about having many options, too many overwhelms me.  So here I can really only speak to the first page of the menu, but I will say that it is enough.  The appetizers and small plates there are plenty and delicious.

At this restaurant, I am one of those that orders the same thing every time.  Truffle fries and ahi poke bowl.  Truffle fries are, well, truffle fries, so they are awesome.  The ahi poke bowl is raw marinated tuna, with avocado, radish, carrots, macadamia nuts, and wontons.  This is a favorite of both Kenny and I and something I definitely recommend.  It might seem odd to go the Asian route while drinking a yard of tangerine beer, but trust me, it’s great because it is on the lighter side so you are not left completely stuffed.

This is definitely the place to go if heading down to the Banks with a large group.  Great view, great atmosphere, great (and tons) of drinking and eating options.

yard houseSpecial shout out to Ashley Boerio who always organizes this for us!


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