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Second only to The Lion King, Wicked stands as one of the most moving musicals I’ve ever seen.

Now, I feel kind of silly writing about this one because I am sure that those who know, know. And those who don’t know, probably already know anyway because this is just one of those big time fanfare sensations. However, if you are like me, and like to arrive years late to the game, then consider a date out to Wicked at the Aronoff.

But I actually want to say this – Wicked is one of only a few musicals that I got super into before ever even thinking about seeing it. I was introduced to the soundtrack in college and did listen to it rather religiously. I also then read the book, but I never made an active point to go see it. However, the excitement of what I had known about Wicked all came rushing back upon seeing it on the 2017-2018 Broadway Series lineup. And then I ended up seeing it twice in four days.

Beyond the amazing lyrics, beyond the timeless and empowering themes, beyond the cleverness of the tale, the whole thing is a visual spectacle to behold. This one is just beautiful literature played out in the greatest broadway fashion. Everything about it feels rich and succulent, and something that feels special to bear witness to. Tears streamed down my face at multiple, powerful times, and this time, I couldn’t blame it on hormones.

The awesome news is that it is currently running through October 15th, which means there is still a good amount of time to catch this one, whether you have or haven’t before. Again, this one will rank way way up there among the GOATs.

tickets and images c/o Broadway in Cincinnati


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