out at the woodhouse day spa

There are almost no words for this one.

Last week, Mindy of Go There! Try That! and I were treated to a morning at the Montgomery location of The Woodhouse Day Spa. I have had me my fair share of spa splurges but this one smokes the competition, and that opinion comes before I even tell you about my service (which was bananas).

If you are looking for am.bi.ance. then look no further than Woodhouse. Everything about this spa is nice…gorgeous decor, privacy galore, incredible amenities, and excellent service. Mindy and I were relaxed and at peace and completely taken care of from the moment we walked in. Immediately we slipped into plush robes, were served mimosas and coffee, and then given our own private relaxation room to detox before the real fun began. And this was all just on a Tuesday!

But seriously, it is clear and obvious that Woodhouse is all about top quality. Everything about it felt so consciously considerate. Each room was beyond function, as they were all decked out and decorated to make you feel very treated. And very treated we were…

Before being whisked to the back, we perused the cutest retail storefront that had all sorts of gifts, treatments, and trinkets to consider for purchase…

These are the SOFTEST little baby gifts…I think I, or I guess Louise, needs one (or all)…

Oh! And one thing I loved was the private pedicure room. I really like to sit there silently when I am getting my nails done, and now I know where I can go and be in my own room. Talk about relaxation.

Mimosa, me happy. But now on to the good stuff…

Mindy and I were each treated to a four-handed massage. This is where two therapists work in synchronized tandem at the same time. I can’t even believe it either and I lived it!

I remember learning about a four-handed massage years ago while watching some random travel channel show. I don’t remember where in the world it was, I don’t remember what kind of resort it was, but I do very much remember learning about the possibility of a four-handed massage and I vowed to have that experience one day. And that day came thanks to Woodhouse.

And then yes, the massage was every last thing I thought it would and could be. While one angel worked on my shoulders, neck, and scalp, the other spent an ungodly amount of time on just my right foot. And then as more continued at my top end, my left foot was treated to the exact same attention as well. Glorious.

Then as if it couldn’t get better, they started working on each side at the same time. First was both my legs. Rhythmically and methodically each leg was worked on, from top down, to down up. I figured this part would be the best until they gave both my arms the exact same treatment. Again, I thought for sure this was the grand finale until I turned over and they got to work on my back…

As I laid there, I was hoping to get confused. I wanted them to descend upon me like a perfectly poised octopus. I didn’t want to know where one began and one ended. And that is how it felt. Arms were just swirling and moving and kneading and pressuring to the point of near nirvana. Never in my life have I ever felt something like this, and until I book another, never again will I might…

Mindy and I each came out a little massage drunk and all sorts of giddy high. Our hairs were all crazy tousled, our smiles never broke, and together we could not stop giggling given what we just went through. Again, it was as ridiculously awesome as you would think. The four-handed massage and The Woodhouse Day Spa are not messing around.

So if you are looking to treat.yo.self, you call Woodhouse Day Spa right now. RIGHT NOW. There are so many incredible services to be had at this spot – private mani pedis, hydrafacials, four-handed massage – and all can be experienced in the nicest of top quality settings. I can’t even can’t even. Go call right now.

Thank you Woodhouse Day Spa SO SO MUCH for letting us come early, get a tour, and have the actual and literal best experience ever. I will be singing your praises forever.

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