out at the northside parade

This parade made zero sense. And I loved it.

Per a great lead from my friend Mindy, Kenny and I decided to celebrate the fourth with the Northside Parade. If you’ve been, you know. If you haven’t, I’m not sure what to tell you…

There were definitely some parade classics – fire trucks, politicians, marching bands, dancers. Then there was just the whatever – a bike gang, lawnchair ladies (literally just ladies with lawn chairs), a men’s drill team (literally men with drills), a yacht club (which I am pretty sure was just five drunk friends who convinced someone to pull them in a boat), and more. There may or may not have been a group of people who just rented Red Bikes and rode in the parade, I don’t know. If I could have been playing a drinking game during the parade, I would have taken a drink any time either Kenny or I said what is happening and would have been drunk quickly. In fact, Kenny summed it up perfectly when he said I think next year, I am going to wear a scuba suit and walk Hank in the parade. So awesome.

So enjoy the many pictures, get a feel for the utterly indescribable parade, and just enjoy America.

food not bombs dancer lady dancers cha cha paper machete unicorn bike unicorn speedo bikes bike jump bike djstep teamlawnchair ladiesladies with lawnchairsunicyclesyatch clubnsychulahoopdancefixlloyd christmasladyfestsubmarineLucyblueyellow submarine

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