out at the hannaford

The weekend is here again so let’s talk bars.

Back in the summer, two girlfriends and I met up for drinks at The Hannaford. We decided on the trip to Covington with the ultimate goal of dining at Coppin’s, but with that, made a point to start at The Hannaford in order to check it out.

What I want to say first is that the place is super sharp. It’s both big and small (if that’s possible and you’re still following me) and I say that because it’s got some prime real estate on the corner of Pike and Madison, but it is ultimately a chic little cozy joint. We posted up in a booth in the corner for a round that included a rose, a moscow mule, and the signature Ventilation Tower (Four Roses Bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, angostura bitter, topped with soda), and ultimately had ourselves a really nice time. The drinks themselves were perfect and satisfying, and the atmosphere was easy and cool. I was digging the decor and seating, and honestly really liked being out and about in that part of town.

So with another indian summer weekend upon us, consider making a night out in the Cov with drinks at The Hannaford, dinner at Coppin’s, and an after-dinner brew at Braxton’s. (That all just sounds so good that you might spy me doing the same, wearing a baby wrapped to my chest.)

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