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By the time you may be reading this, I will probably be sitting on a beach in Mexico.

Not to brag (but also totally bragging), we just took off for a little work rewards trip to Cancun. This yearly-standing adult spring break always comes right when needed (smack there in the middle of the month of February (which I’d argue is a more arduous month than year-long-January)). However, what is needed on the blog right now is a good old-fashioned OUT post. Especially one that is about brunch.

I’ve sadly not blogged about The Birch before, which is a crying shame, because it is the world’s cutest little restaurant set square in the heart of our new hood (sup Terrace Park). We have definitely frequented the joint many times before, but it wasn’t until this past visit, a visit to sit and enjoy the new brunch menu sans kids, where I had the time and luxury to prepare and plan for a post. That, plus I had three mimosas.

While a number of options jumped off the menu page (and I am looking at you, croque monsieur), I ordered the crab cake benedict. This little puppy was yum-my. Seriously. The crab cake was totally and clearly fresh, the egg was poached to perfection, and the chipotle hollandaise sauce was rich without being righteous. Mine was gone in a matter of bites and I only ordered the half. Next time, I am going full order without even blinking.

The reason I only ordered the half benedict was because I wanted room for the baked french toast with orange butter. Upon first read I thought “how could that not be awesome?” and I was utterly correct. This guy was quite the sweet splurge and boy was it worth it. There is a reason why me and every kid there had this in front of them. Doggone delicious.

My P.I.C. Nicole (sup Nicole) ordered the apples and oats, a hearty bowl of steel cut oats, apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar. She too only opted for the half order, knowing how generous the portions would be, and then she generously let me dig in for a taste or three. This one was awfully killer and something I look forward to going back to order.

Everything ordered and shared and sipped on hit the spot. And it all drove home for me why not only is going out for brunch one of the best squares to dine out for, but why doing so at The Birch is also one of the best spots to do so at. Super easy, super quaint, super fun. Solid good call, all the way around.

So definitely check out The Birch for brunch, lunch, or dinner here soon. If and when you do, call me, I’ll ride my bike up there to meet ya!

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