out at the aronoff for ELF

Elf TourThe best way to spread Christmas cheer is seeing Elf the Musical twice in one week.

My mom, sister and I caught it on opening night, as we have series tickets this year. Then as luck would have it, Kenny’s family decided to see it on Saturday as an excuse to get together for something festive this season. And that is exactly what it is perfect for – putting you in the right Christmas mood.

Honestly, it is adorable. And I almost feel bad saying that because it seems somewhat belittling, but it’s exactly what it is! Bright, cheerful, energetic, sweet, which is what the holidays are all about. Honestly, I think my sister and I smiled and laughed through the whole first act. Plus it sticks so closely to the movie! It is the story as you know it, complete with the punchlines and the jokes and the classic scenes. And while no Buddy can compete with the original Will Ferrel, the Buddy I saw was an excellent singer, while also being endearing and comedic, which is all you can really ask for.

So if you can, carve out some time to catch this show. It is currently ranking as my favorite of the three I’ve seen, and I imagine it will stay at the top (until I see Lion King in the spring…).

ELF_Sparklejolly_Marcus Elf Tourimages courtesy of Broadway in Cincinnati

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