out at the aronoff for cinderella

This past weekend, my mom, sister, and I saw Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella at the Aronoff. And much like the others we’ve seen this year, this one was just as magically beautiful.

I think between the three of us, my mom was the most excited, as this was the version from her childhood. And from the moment it began, I too felt the excitement. The songs were sweet and enchanting and the storyline was captivating and modernized. And the best part? Cinderella’s changing of dresses. She would morph right in front of your eyes and I couldn’t explain it if I tried. The impressive changes, combined with likable personalities, unfortunate villains, and well-placed punchlines, this was the perfect, ever-classic tale.

But speaking of well-placed punchlines, there was an absolutely hilarious moment of commentary that had the crowd rolling. Right when the Prince got down on one knee to propose to Cinderella, and before she could answer, a kid from the front of the audience yelled oh come on! in a smack-your-forehead tone. The entire audience lost it and it was too innocently funny not to embrace.

In the end, this was an amazing show that had all the makings of a must-see musical. Between the lively orchestra, the enchanting set, and the vibrant characters and costumes, this one will definitely go down as one I’m definitely glad to have seen.

TourCinderella0929r TourCinderella0552r TourCinderella0792rimages courtesy of Broadway Cincinnati

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