out at the aronoff for anything goes

Last week, I attended the Anything Goes opening night courtesy of Broadway Cincinnati. And while I’m no theatre buff, I knew that at the very least I was walking into a classic, and what a classic it was.

While I sat there with an open mind, not knowing exactly the play out of the plot, I found myself getting swept up by the luxury of it all. Set in 1930s, the plush of the costumes and exaggerations of accents were just as mesmerizing as the singing. There were sexy strong women, charismatically cute males, endearingly humorous villains, and everyone in between. The puns were punny and obvious, the songs were upbeat melodic, and the shticks were sweet and catchy. In the end, I can say that Anything Goes is just plain a fun one. Vibrant, lively, and blatantly broadway, Anything Goes is for both the theatre enthusiast and those just looking to be entertained.

AG_6062_Delovely AnythingGoes_5132images and tickets courtesy of Broadway in Cincinnati

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