out at the anchor

The only thing to say about this one is holy smokes, what a night.

Seriously. We did it up so big at The Anchor last weekend that I am still reeling. And I’m not at all exaggerating.

As I have mentioned many, many, many times before, I am a seafood lover. I always choose fish, I always choose shells. I want my plate to taste like I am lapping up the ocean. Therefore it should come as no surprise that The Anchor is one of my most favorite restaurants. It is where we went for our last supper, it is where I like to happy hour, it is where I would choose to treat very special friends, and treat very special friends I did.

I rounded up a small party of my favorites (sup Brittany! sup Morgan! hi Eric and Jenna! oh hey, boo!) and we sat down to indulge in all that The Anchor had to offer. And I’m telling you, this awesome crowd could not have had more fun or gone bigger.

We were placed at the most perfect table for six, centered square in the middle of the restaurant, where we felt both entirely on our own, yet in the center of it all at the same time. Off the bat, we ordered wine and beers and drinks and the evening began.

Our appetizer ordering game was strong, but the appetizers themselves were even stronger. On top of the Hook, Line, and Sinker (which is just your casual tower of twelve oysters, plus peel & eat shrimp, plus six littleneck clams, plus king crab, plus deviled eggs, plus bowfin caviar, plus chilled mussels), we ordered the hush puppies, polenta elote, and beets and brussel sprouts.

And while I just talked a big game about wanting to lick the sea floor, the hush puppies were no joke. They were ridiculously delicious, served with honey butter and ham. I can’t even believe I used to think good hush puppies were of the Long John Silvers variety. (I am embarrassed to have even typed that sentence out.) But seriously, make a trip for the puppies.

Sup elote. You were killer.

Oh hey brussels, you were delicious as well! (Also, it appears we may have ordered some calamari?! Woo-wee, we went HAM.)

And now to the entrees…

I went for the halibut special that evening, served with bok choy, red potatoes, shallots, and green beans. This dish was heavy in flavor and light in my gut. I was perfectly satisfied without feeling like I was overdoing it – which was precisely what I was looking for. Plus, I just love bok choy and can never resist it.

My girl Jenna though went absolutely classically with the lobster roll and fries. She obliged me with a bite, and it was exactly as you would hope and expect – sweet, rich, chewy, and all around just something to go for when in the mood for a seafood splurge.

Morgan though, a woman after my own heart, ordered the scallops. Pan-seared to golden crispy perfection, and like the lobster, were sweet and firm enough to offer the perfect easy chew. Damn, I love scallops.

Then like a baller, Eric ordered the tuna tartare. I am usually hard-pressed to pass up a tartare myself, so I was glad he went for it. I think sometimes tartares get a bad wrap as just appetizers, but this one was definitely a meal, and a dang good one at that.

Kenny went classically him by ordering the hanger steak, but he also decided to when-in-Rome it by adding crab legs, surf-n-turfing it all the way home. It was both strong and smart and satisfying.

However, the big winner of the night was easily Brittany who ordered the skate schnitzel. I remember the first time I had skate and I can’t believe I let the moment go by because this one in particular was outrageous. Seriously, she passed her plate around and we all agreed in harmonious fervor that her plate deserved to take top prize. If the hush puppies didn’t sell you enough, I hope this one does. Go and get the skate.

And now here we are after dinner. A little grainer, a little loose, but noticeably and significantly happy as clams. The Anchor treated us so well, with incredible service, utter hospitality, and one plate and/or tower after another coming out better than the last. We are clearly all fans and none of us can wait until we return again. Seriously, what a night.

Thank you SO SO MUCH Anchor for having us out for the experience…it kicked ass.

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