out at terry’s turf club

Terry’s Turf Club is obviously known for their burgers but I haven’t had one in years.

Kenny and I are lucky enough to live just down the street from Terry’s and when the weather is nice, it is a frequent pit stop for us. So where did we find ourselves this past spring weekend? Elbow deep in peanuts and sharing a table at the Turf Club.

But again, we do not return for their burgers (which are unreal, no doubt about it) but for a chicken sandwich Kenny was once treated to by the bartender.

So here’s the chicken sandwich order: banana peppers, grilled onions, gouda cheese, bacon, and peanut sauce. We only ever split it and it is always enough. And I swear, every time we walk out, Kenny says best chicken sandwich in town and I’d have to agree.

So if you’re a Terry’s veteran, consider this route. If you’re a newbie, try any kind of burger first, then return for this one. You might just find yourself like us – never turning back.

Terry's Turf Club chicken sandwichimage source (none of my pictures turned out…wah wahh) 

And not to work backwards, but now I need to note the appetizers. We’re loyal fans of the shrimp deviled eggs. Kenny and I can’t help but treat ourselves to one each, no matter the occasion.

Yet this recent trip opened us up to a whole new favorite – the halloumi cheese. Described as a saltier mozzarella, this one hit the spot. Served with balsamic and tomatoes, this gives traditional caprese a run for its money. The cheese is grilled and tough and I could have eaten ten slices of the stuff. I can’t wait to make it the new starter staple.

Terry's Turf Club appetizersdeviled eggs image source | halloumi cheese image source 

Here’s the thing, Terry’s has a pretty extensive menu. Don’t let the neon lights and Diners Drive-Ins and Dives persona make you think you should only go post intramural volleyball league for burgers and beer. While that definitely has its place, there are literally so many quality and impressive items to try and I can’t wait to return and work my way through it all.

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