out at teller’s of hyde park

Last week, I was afforded another opportunity to do the thing that I just plain love – dine with a group of strangers.

Teller’s of Hyde Park hosted a bloggers dinner that brought together a small group of local food buffs to experience things both new and classically established. While I did know a few invitees (sup Chelsea and Micah!), I was also introduced to two new foodies (and beeries) that have been fun to follow since (hey Bites and Beers and Cincinnati Food Tours!).

The dinner was held in the private vault and included a welcome spread of the ever-amazing buffalo chicken egg rolls (of which they sell nearly 20,000 a year!), a cheese and hummus plate, and the baked goat cheese. The small crowd, which included us bloggers plus one, were also treated to a run down of the specialty cocktail menu by the head mixologist himself. With that, everyone could work their way down the cocktail conga line and then order the one of their choosing. I was not at all jealous (said through clenched teeth…) but I know they’ll all be there when my true summer begins in August.

Dinner then started and the menus were all ours. While there were new things to try, we were also encouraged to of course indulge in what we loved. With that, I could not not order the Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad. That one is a must order of mine because it is like a spot of dessert before dinner. The almond goat cheese bite, with a strawberry and raspberry vinaigrette dressed arugula, always hits the spot.

Then for my entree, I went for something new – the Sweet Thai Chili Encrusted Salmon. You all – this one was silly good. While I am a fervent lover of sweet thai chili sauce, it was no surprise that the sweet crisp it gave to the thick yet flakey salmon was the perfect combination for this seafood-loving diner. The basmati rice and green beans also rounded out the entire dish and honestly kept the whole thing filling yet light. This is one I know I will be seeking out on the regular.

And while it didn’t seem possible, my date Lauren and I still had room for dessert, so I sprang for the apple cobbler and she the bread pudding. Both were sinful in their own right, but we soon discovered that the best bite was a bite of bread pudding, with a swipe of the cobbler ice cream. That, my friends, is how you do it.

In the end, the whole evening proved how amazing the restaurant and local blogging community can be. Getting to know new people, while also getting to know more about Teller’s, which is a twenty-plus year Hyde Park establishment, proved to me once again that people are always at the heart of a very good thing. I am honored to have been included, thankful that I got to share the evening with a good friend of mine, and inspired to have learned all about Teller’s from all different points of view – from their GM, to their head chef, to a founding board member.

I’ve always been a fan of Teller’s, but now I am even more so because I feel in the personal know, and I think regardless of who you are, when you dine at Teller’s, you too will feel the same.

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