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DSCF2731Sometimes I feel like I’m Benjamin Button, growing backwards.  In college, I never cared about sleep and would bounce up, bright and early, embrace the day with a song.  Now?  I am a teenager who prefers to sleep until high noon, a whiner who begs not to be bothered while in the glorious throws of slumber.  But this affects my other favorite past time, which is waking up early and going out for breakfast.  My life is so hard sometimes.

But this past weekend I was well rested after spring break, knew I wanted to have myself a nice little Sunday, so Kenny and I finally got it in us to hit up Taste of Belgium.  We’ve wanted to go forever but the wait is always so dang long and we don’t commit to waiting it out because we are normally too hangry.  But this past weekend we got smart.  We picked up coffees on the way down, put our name in, and decided to take the one plus hour wait time to grab our weekly groceries at Findley Market.  We really can have it all.

Findley MarketSo first up was a beautiful little swing through Findley for our weekly needs.  Do you spy with your little eye Ken surveying the zucchinis?

Taste of Belgium After a good hour of taking care of our recipes for the week, we went back to Taste of Belgium just in time to be seated.  We sprung for mimosas because YOLO.

Taste of BelgiumAfter a few sips I scanned over the menu but didn’t commit anything to memory.  I knew I needed the waffle n’chicken.  I’d heard of its wonders and was not disappointed.  Fried chicken, with hot sauce, with syrup, with a waffle!?  I mean come on.  And I have to say that the best part about it is that no flavor trumps another.   I myself was skeptical of the hot sauce part because my spice level preference is always at like two max, but this didn’t offend me at all.   And I don’t know if the hot sauce is part of the frying process, or if it is just added at the end, but what I can say is that it was absolutely stellar.  It was super dreamy and extremely yummy and surprisingly didn’t leave me stuffed to the brim.

Taste of BelgiumWhile the real star was clearly the chicken and waffles, we also ordered a side of fries (obviously).  The star of that dish though was the sauce they were dipped in.  Not exactly sure what was going on there but it was something creamy,  I’m sure mayo-based, and I was down for it.  So good, a little spicy as well, but very very tasty.

I now totally get why people wait nearly two hours to eat.  Absolutely worth it.  Every second.

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