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It has been a while since I’ve had a good old fashion out post, but that’s not because we ain’t been going out!

Kenny and I have been busier and more on the move than ever, and it has all been for things like work travel, weddings out of town, family obligations, yadda yadda. But last weekend we found ourselves in town with nothing too crazy penned in on the block of our calendar. With that, we got out in our neighborhood.

We knew it was coming, but upon passing by, we saw that Streetside Brewery was finally open. Located just down the way on Eastern Avenue, this was a really nice little spot to hang. It was also kid-friendly out the wazoo. I went to the bar to order a couple samplers, while Kenny scoped out an area to hang with Harry. Upon ordering each of our four tastings, the bartender gave me chalk for Harry to play around with, sharing that he was more than welcome to chalk wherever. He dabbled with it on the concrete floor, but I looked around and saw other more able kids doing the same and enjoying themselves while their parents dove into their flights. This obviously stuck out to Kenny and I because while we’ve never been above shlepping Harry wherever we want, this made it abundantly clear that Streetside extends an open invitation to families of all makes and models.

And while real fall is making its way in, last weekend was a temperate eighty and Streetside capitalized on that by keeping its space wide open. The garage doors were up, which made sitting inside still feel like we were enjoying the weather. Furthermore, the beer was spunky and fun. Check out the picture of the colors because they are not messing around. My favorite was the Raspberry Beret, a Berliner Weisse. It was light, wheaty, and sweetly tart. I also really liked the Tea Bags brew, a honey green tea blonde ale. This one was different and crisp, quirky and refreshing.

I am beyond excited to see the investment and development happening on Eastern Avenue. With staples like Bella Luna and Terry’s flanking one end, Pearl’s flanking the other, it’s a pretty killer little drag that can and should be the next cool part of town. With Streetside up and running, it is well on its way.

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