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I’ve been on a brunching bonanza kick as of late and it’s been awesome.

Now I have to tell you. We actually tried to go to Red Feather for the third Sunday in a row, because it really is that good, but they were closed for Super Bowl Sunday. Rude. But plan bee was Sleepy Bee Cafe, which is hardly a backup plan.

If you know anything about Sleepy Bee, you know it’s delicious and it’s a wait. I’ve known about this spot for a while now, but I always want it at peak brunch time, which means I’ll be waiting about an hour. Pre-pregnancy, I’d be too hangry to wait it out. Post-pregnacy, I’ll wait all afternoon for a pancake. Finally having the patience, stamina, and craving dictation to sit it out, I see what all the fuss is about.

The Sleepy Bee omeletFor this particular date, my craving preference pendulum swung from far left to right. I came in craving sweet, but after treating myself to a mocha cappuccino, I ultimately wanted savory for my main course, which is why I went with The Avi. Avocado, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and white cheddar was as satisfying as I could have wanted. A good veggie filled omelet will always be of interest to me but I really got cooking when I starting eating bites atop my toast. Making my own mini-sandwich bites ended up being the way to go.

Did I just end there? No, no I did not.

The Sleepy Bee pancake stackLook at that cresting mountain of pancake dreams…

The Sleepy Bee pancakesBecause I came in craving, and went back to wanting something sweet, Kenny and I decided to split the Apple Cakes. That, my friends, is three buttermilk pancakes, with caramelized apples, homemade nut and seed granola, and whipped cream. Everyone at the table had a bite and the consensus was clear. Crazy good. The crunch of the granola was what really got me, especially with the fluffy bite of the pancake. It wasn’t overtly sweet, nor insanely filling, it was just plain good. I think pancakes are going to be my new thing.

The Sleepy Bee sandwichKenny and the other two gents ordered The Broakley. My friend Chris ordered it with bacon and sausage, to which the server said oh hell yeah. Kenny, and my other friend Kramer, ordered it with goetta, and both were super satisfied. No matter the breakfast meat choice, any which way you go will be a good one as it’s topped with avocado, white cheddar, onion, tomato, and a broken egg yolk. And as we all know, everything is better with an egg yolk.

The Sleepy Bee wallThis busy little staple in the prime of Oakley is worth the trip and worth the wait. The food is local, healthy, and creative, which is exactly what you should be looking for when out for breakfast, brunch, and or lunch. Either add this to your list or keep it high on your list of go-to spots.

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