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I shared last week on Instagram that my little family and I took off for vacation, and our first stop was the Sierra Nevada Taproom in Asheville. And while I am still currently on said vacation, I wanted to go ahead and share this as an OUT post because it was literally so awesome.

Kenny and I have done Asheville many times, and we usually do it as a pit stop on our way down to Hilton Head. This year was no different, but instead of frequenting our favorites in town, we opted to just hang out at the new Sierra Nevada Taproom just a little outside of town.

Sierra Nevada is basically the antithesis of what you think of when you think of what most Asheville breweries are…it is enormous and grand with tons of space and recreational options. And while I love the small garage operations of most of the breweries I’ve been to in Asheville, this was absolutely perfect for us with two kids in tow and nothing but time and money to spend.

Honestly, it felt like a resort. Even the drive in was rather remarkable, with gorgeous paved roads and greenery and shrubbery a plenty. Then once officially inside, there are countless places to sit down and kick back, between the bar inside, being seated in the restaurant, the picnic tables outside, or the plush arm chairs that lined the stone patio overlooking the entire compound. There is also even a small amphitheater, a grassy knoll, a kids play area, and a garden to peruse on the premise. So clearly there is plenty to do and plenty to enjoy, and we took full advantage with beers in hand just hanging out while our two climbed and explored and stretched their legs after a long car ride.

I sincerely have nothing but good things to say about this one. Again, we are still currently on vacation, but I am still feeling such fondness for how we got this thing started. We are the kind of people who family vacation every year to the same place, so I have a feeling the Sierra Nevada pit stop will become an annual mainstay as well.

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