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Salazar wineYou all remember my friend Jess right?  Well, we like to go on dates together and our most recent trip was to Salazar in OTR.   She had been before and when I suggested we go so that I could try, her response was it will be your summer love affair.  She wasn’t lying.

Salazar menuThe place is tiny, but it is exactly the kind of spot I prefer.  They do not take reservations and when we arrived, we chose to sit at the bar.  I love sitting and ordering at the bar when out with just two; it feels more lax and intimate.  We started with the marrow butter and Blue Oven bread as an appetizer.  If you’ve never had Blue Oven Bakery, I highly suggest you close down your laptop and sprint to wherever they’re currently located. Start with the English Muffin and thank me later.  I would imagine them to be a kissing cousin to the cronut.

We also sprung for another appetizer special, which was some sort of fried, mash potato covered fish stick, dipped in spicy aioli.  When the bartender was rattling off the deets for that one, I let him know that he hit every one of my buzz words and that we’ll take two.  Just kidding, we went with one because we also had that bread to dip in meat butter.  We left no calorie unturned.

Salazar marrow butterAnd as if things could get more serious, we decided to split the burger as our entree.  I never realized I was such a burger lover because I’m so partial to seafood, but I am such a burger lover.  I mean, when you go out and get a good and serious burger, nothing is better.  We had an extensive conversation about whether or not this one was better than Ash’s.  I have to say, it’s kind of apples and oranges, Holstein and Angus.  Ash’s burger is jazzier, with the short rib and truffled egg.  Salazar’s is simply a solid burger, with bacon and cheese. Nothing extra, nothing distinctly gourmet, just a good old fashion burger done really really well.  I think when it is done right without anything particularly fancy, you can gauge just how good it is.  And this one is good.

Salazar burger Salazar bar Salazar bar view Salazar bartender Salazar flaming whiskey sour Salazar whiskey sour SalazarIn the end, the mood was right, the setting was stellar, the service was sweet, and the food was on point.  Add this to your list if you haven’t already.  I’ll see you there.  Save me a bite.

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