out at riverside park

The Banks water fountainMy poor dog.  He is adorably cute and extremely squeezable, but it’s been a while since he’s been on a walk. With the awful winter and the fact that Kenny and I have been devoting our exercise time to DEFINE, he’s just been chilling at home, sending sad puppy dog glances at his leash in the corner, sighing into his paws.

But now I’ve been doing my part to get him back out there and his maiden voyage for the summer walking season was a little trip through Riverside Park down at the Banks.  Annie and I took old Hank on a little spin through town and we were as equally excited to get out down there.  The spot along the river is great.  With the views all around – the river, the bridges, the big houses on Riverside Drive, Newport on the Levee, the Banks, the city – you get the sense that you are somewhere cool.  Annie and I liked it so much that we actually went back the next day for a stroll after lunch because that day I was equipped with my camera.  I’m assuming this is a few of many strolls through this sweet little park.

The Banks water falls Roebling Bridge Phyllis W Smale Riverfront Park Smale Riverfront Park Moerlein view at Riverside Park foutains at Riverside Park

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