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If for some reason I don’t respond with tacos when asked what I’m craving, the second most likely answer is a chicken sandwich. (Although other valid guesses include gelato and/or mussels/crab/shrimp/scallops…) The problem with me and chicken sandwiches though is that my craving is always pretty particular and I do not have a go to place in mind when I want the type. Until now.

After the Thread happy hour and per Annie’s recommendation, we walked down to Revolution Rotisserie & Bar to check the place out. She had the inside scoop because she knows a guy, and I willingly followed her lead. We were there pretty late so there really wasn’t a crowd, but it was nice because we were in OTR, got right in, sat down, ordered, and ate within super reasonable time. I am sure you can understand how awesome that is for a gal like me right now.

We weren’t sure what to order, but when I’m somewhere new with the intention of blogging, my motto is always in the name of research. So we sprung for a heavy appetizer and a sandwich each.

Revolution poutineThe tater tot poutine was the obvious choice when it came to the starters because it always makes sense to order something with tots, cheese, gravy, and chicken. But I’ll be honest. It was a little underwhelming. Maybe it was the gravy? But what was super delicious about it was the chicken, which is awesome because that’s their shtick.

Revolution Nelson MandelaWhile Annie teetered between just ordering the bird or a sammie, I knew that it would be a sandwich for sure. What I didn’t expect is that I’d want at least four different sandwiches and narrowing down an option would be hard, especially because all of the flavor profiles I was salivating over were so different.

I ultimately settled on the Nelson Mandela and it was delish, with pepperjack, black beans, corn, tomato, cilantro, corn chips, and chipotle ranch. For a gal’s who’s base section of the food pyramid is Mexican, it is no real surprise that this is what I settled on. But it was super satisfying and very very flavorful. It was one of those sandwiches where each bite was a little different than that last. I love when that happens because it means each component can stand on its own and doesn’t get lost in the noise. Kudos to the Mandela.

Revolution Ben FranklinAnnie ultimately sprung for the Ben Franklin, with asian slaw, cilantro, peanuts, and lightening sauce. I can attest to a bite of it and report that it was very good (although I’d still prefer mine). As far as flavor genres go, it ate like a tasty asian take out dish, which I think is very cool. In fact, that’s why I had such a hard time narrowing down options because I wasn’t sure what ethnic route to take. But regardless, not a drop was left from either of us, which clearly means all was good in our hood.

So check out Revolution on Race Street. They’re pretty hopping at lunch, and quite frankly, it’s a perfect downtown lunch option. I myself will be heading back because I need to try the George Washington, the Thomas Jefferson, the John Handcock, and the Marie Curie. Have a look at the menu yourself and let me know what you think!

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  • Reply Allyn May 14, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    Hello! I am a recent transplant to Cincy from Dallas. Since a major food group in Texas is Tex-Mex and Mexican food I am DYING for some good food since the move. Do you have any posts/recommendations on Cincy area Tex-Mex? I have tried Bakersfield in OTR and it was decent, but I’d like to have more options that do not include a super long wait time or hipstery scene like OTR. Am I asking too much?? Thanks in advance!

    • Reply outandoutfit May 15, 2015 at 8:30 am

      Hey Allyn! Welcome to Cincy! As far as Tex-Mex goes, we’ve definitely have some good options. Starting on the higher end, there is Nada downtown on the corner of 6th and Walnut. Honestly, of all restaurants, Nada is my favorite.

      Other than that, I would recommend Django Taco in Northside (although that can be the hipster scene…). There’s also an awesome option on Red Bank called Mazunte (that’s more an order at the counter type of place). Gomez Salsa is a walk up window spot in OTR, but it has the most ridiculous option called The Turtle.

      And while it is not open just yet, there is going to be a mezcal bar opening up in Covington called Frida and I’m super looking forward to it.

      Hopefully this gives you enough of a head start…if not, feel free to come back for more recs!

      • Reply Allyn May 15, 2015 at 7:04 pm

        Thanks so much! I have a list to start checking off. The new place in Covington is excited since I’m in Bellevue. Thanks again!

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