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Here is another one I have been inexplicably sitting on for far too long.

Last month, on the day of our seventh anniversary, Kenny and I celebrated with brunch at one of our favorites, Red Feather. We’ve been to Red Feather’s brunch more times than we’ve been for dinner, and we’ve been for dinner a lot. But since it is one of our favorites, and since we knew it would be delicious, and since it was our anniversary and all, we made reservations and a big date out of it. Of course, it didn’t disappoint, and of course, it was even better than we’d hoped.

After a round of coffees and trip to the build-your-own bloody mary bar, we decided to attack the menu as if it was tapas-style, ordering no less than four entrees, treating each as a shareable. But how could we not when everything looked and sounded so darn good?

For starters, or a first course, or whatever, we ordered the veggie bruschetta special of the day. There was summer squash and zucchini and balsamic and egg and it was wildly refreshing and tasty. I hope it is still there sometime here soon because it is worth rushing out to see.

I then couldn’t help myself from demanding the lobster benedict. For one because lobster, for two because truffle hollandaise. And it was as rich and decadent and laughable as you can imagine. I can literally taste it right now.

We then moved onto the main course, or second course, or dessert, by opting for the two things we know and love. For Kenny, it was the breakfast croissant, a sandwich of scrambled eggs, goetta, and boursin. This too is rich and decadent and laughable in the most classic of brunch ways, and it is not to be missed.

I then went for the pancakes, an order I’ll order no matter what else I am craving, or what else I am ordering for that matter. They are just the best because they are just plain good pancakes. But they’re better than just yummy comfort food pancakes. You can tell there is artistry to them, real skill in their scratch, so again, no matter how big I am going when I’m there, I’m definitely ordering some pancakes.

So like a number of posts before, Red Feather is no stranger to the blog, but I had to post again to share and remind you all that their brunch is one to seek out and return to time and time again. Loved that we shared some good love there.

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