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Palomino's appetizerI hope you have someone in your life who loves Grouponing as my much as my husband does.

I swear, once a month, Kenny says hey, we need to go here, here, and here because his Groupons are about to expire. (And don’t get me started on the rabbit hole he once spiraled into when he habitually drunk-Grouponed, which is how we came to be the proud owners of a year-subscription to Paula Dean Magazine and a Dr. Zhivago DVD.) But it obviously has its benefits because it give us an excuse to go out and do something.

This time’s something was dinner at Palomino, a downtown classic. I’ve blogged about the bar side any-hour happy hour before, but this was the first time in a long time that I dined in the real restaurant. And I was surprised by how many things I wanted to order. I eyeballed the Baked Four Cheese Penne, the Asiago-Almond Crusted Scallops, and the Signature Paella hard, but ultimately went with the Grilled Seafood Pasta because it combined my most favorite seafood. I had my camera but wasn’t really planning on a post until I took my first bite. The prawns and scallops with the creamy/oily (seriously, that’s the only way to describe it because it was both…not heavier one way or the other) pasta nailed it for me. Very very yummy.

Palomino grilled seafood pastaKenny opted for a mushroom special of the night, something that I too was considering. I took a bite and it was definitely good but I was glad it wasn’t my whole order. I remember something about it, a sharp flavor, that wasn’t bad at all, but I wouldn’t have wanted it bite after bite. But only one of us took leftovers home and it wasn’t Kenny.

Palomino mushroom ravioli specialSo, of course, if you are looking for a classic treat, with great service and a view, pop into Palomino and treat yourself.


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