out at palomino restaurant and bar

palamino'sThe all day everyday Palomino Bar happy hour is one of the best in the city.  My friend Megan and I met up there after a long three-day work week and sat for hours.  Not only did we catch up and solve all the world’s problems, she taught me some new settings on my camera and we learned I can take sepia-toned pictures, which I love.  I should really read the manual.

Now as far as the bar goes, the cocktail and appetizer specials are awesome.  While I am not really a margarita fan, I did order a few pomegranate ones and was pleasantly pleased.  We also ordered the crab and artichoke dip to snack on and it was literally the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in a long time.  Served with parmesan pita chips, our conversation nearly came to a complete hault.  I believe we both kept nodding our heads saying uh huh, assuming the other person was talking.  It was that good.

palamino's palamino's palamino's view

palamino's viewWhile neither of our outfits were captured, we both were wearing black and neutrals, jackets and booties.  Megan had on a great print dress, moto jacket, and statement necklace similar to this, this, and this.  I wore a polka dot top, blazer, and layered necklaces similar to this, this, and this.

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