out at palomino bar

Looking back, this is actually the fourth time I’ve posted about Palomino.

But this time, it is all about the bar. Because when the Fountain Square views are in plain sight, and the Everyday Happy Hour menu boasts some of their best bites and beverages, it is hard not to return time and time again.

Therefore, it was another easy yes when Palomino asked me to come out and enjoy what they are always awesomely offering. This time, we treated friends Ross and Katie (Ross is the dapper shirt across from each and every food pic) to the evening, and it was the laughiest happy hour we’ve had in a while. We ordered round after round, bite after bite, and all walked away full on good food and friendship.

We stuck to the happy hour menu because there was no reason not to. I, who has been finding myself on a surprisingly uncharacteristic gin kick, went for a couple of the basil gimlets. I ordered mine with a shot of soda water and a little less lime sour, and it was absolutely perfect. My date (Kenny), and our other date Katie went with red wine, Dona Paula malbec, and Ross, a dirty martini. We all enjoyed a couple rounds of these before pivoting to champagne. (Which is always a good decision.)

Then knowing we were all simply in the mood to graze, we indulged in the truffled matchstick fries and brussel sprouts with pancetta. I distinctly remember the brussels from last time, so they were a non-negotiable, and unsurprisingly, they knocked my socks off again. Then of course, the truffle fries were laughable.

We also opted for the kale salad with prawns because it is usually smart to have some balance. Hearty bites were shoveled out between us so that we could all enjoy another crunch of green, and I have to say the best parts were the golden raisins peppered about. Next time I return, which you know I will, I’ll be making a point to order this.

Finally if ever there was a “main course” for us, it was the flatbreads. One was the housemade hot italian sausage with mushroom, and the second, a simply standard roma with mozz. I love me a super crispy-burnt flatbread pizza, the bread simply being a vehicle for the rest, and each of these did its job in filling us up, while being there to nibble between drinks. When meeting for a happy hour hang out sesh, this is all that could be asked for.

So again, every time Palomino extends the invitation, you know I am going to take them up on it. This is a staple restaurant in the heart of downtown, and with that, it is just a trusty institution to kick back and enjoy the fill.

Thanks again Palomino for having us! 

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