out at otto’s

This is bad, but my first time to Otto’s was just this past Monday. I don’t know how it’s escaped me this long, but it has. And now that I’ve been, I’m even more disappointed with myself.

With the Monday holiday off from work, I was able to be a lady who lunches, catching up with my good friend Tara, and her adorable squishy little daughter, Sloane. Otto’s was the perfect option because while it is small, it is open and cool and absolutely accommodating. We both opted for chicken salads, but I went the splurge route, with good old fashion chicken salad on a croissant, while she went the healthy way, choosing a no carb cobb option. I respected her will power.

But I’d have to say the sweet potato fries were the real star of the show. I ate every last one and didn’t even bother to pretend to offer to share. Those, plus their dipping sauce, made paying attention to the conversation difficult. I have no idea what the sauce was, especially since the menu says they are served with horseradish honey-dijon. I felt like I was just dunking each one in honey syrup and I loved it. Now if what I did have was the horseradish stuff, then hats off to Otto’s, and I’ll see you all on a once a week basis for a platter of fries and a carafe of the sauce.

Otto's chicken salad Otto's cobb salad

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  • Reply Linda schilling January 23, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    You should try Otto’s fried green tomato’s! They are yummmmmm

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