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clutch and a cocktailMy pretty balling weekend culminated with an exclusive VIP event at Obscura celebrating their one-year anniversary. If this weekend were The Sandlot, I’d be Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez.

If you are unfamiliar, Obscura is a super hip bar downtown set on the corner of Walnut and seventh. Roomy, open, chock-full of plush seating, this spot makes you excited to order something adventurous. I sipped (and inhaled…just wait) so many different science experiments that I couldn’t recount if I tried. There were hot ones, smoked ones, ones on fire, ones bottled, and ones poured from champagne bottles (that one I can handle, it was champagne). I had such a blast indulging and watching each one be created. And this is exactly what Obscura is all about. Being inventive, impressive, intoxicating. If you are looking for a superior good time, this is where you need to go. Get fancy, try something new, and enjoy the experience.

Obscura champagne Obscura drink champagne and a tattoo Obscura smoking cocktailObscura heated whiskey Obscura whiskey cocktail Obscura inhaling whiskey Obscura inhaled whiskey cocktail Obscura heated whiskey drinkObscura Moscow MulesObscura mixedcreative cocktailmixed pourfinished with a lightShawn McCabeSpecial shout-out and thanks to Shawn McCabe, who is the sole reason my weekend kicked so much A.

ciara and travisAnd another to Ciara Newby, wife of Benjamin Newby, world-renowned mixologist whose cocktail stylings were the showcase of the evening, and Travis Richard, who came from Chicago in the beginning to help open Obscura. Thanks for entertaining my questions and conversations and for exclusively showing me around. See you both in Chicago sometime!

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