out at nada for brunch

I’m in and I’m in deep.

I’ve joined a pretty serious brunch gang and we’re making it our mission to actively engage in the trend. We’ve only just begun hitting the streets, but so far we’ve Sleepy Bee‘d and Red Feather‘ed. We’re off to a pretty great start.

Our most recent trip was to Nada. I will say I was initially disappointed with the choice. Obviously with this blog, I’m all about trying new places, and Nada is an old favorite here. In fact, Nada is easily my most favorite restaurant in town. Since it is my number one, I figured for our 1pm “brunch” reservation, I’d go for tacos because obviously. But a quick scan of the brunch menu and I was in.

Delicious. Surprising, killer, satisfying, fun. That’s what this Nada brunch was. As for the eats, I went for the carnitas tamal and egg. With braised pork, pickled onions,  guacamole, and sweet corn tamal, it hit the savory sweet spot. I was hoping they’d have a pancake I could try, and while there was an enticing french toast option, the tamal looked too good to pass up. And I was right. Nothing left but the husk.

Kenny tried the tinga and egg cazuela, which was braised chicken, with spicy tomato, chorizo, a fried egg, and poblano rice. He reports “it was a sweet and savory chicken dish that I could build like a fajita. If you want to be extra fat, order with a side of goetta and put it in the taco.” You heard it here first, folks.

So while some of the gang lunched, the other half brunched. The options, plus a round of fun cocktails, once again proved why Nada can do no wrong.

Nada sparkling blood orange Nada guacamole Nada chips Nada carnitas tamal and egg Nada tinga and egg Nada fruit cup

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