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Nada has put out a new menu for the first time since opening, and you best believe I was there to check it out.

One thing I have always said about Nada is that it is consistently one of the best. It is such a staple in Cincinnati, a place that I can trust and rely on, a place to go when you know you just want it good. And their new menu is no exception. And speaking of no exception, the night started with the guacamole and salsa trio. These were not new versions of these classics, but simply the trusty O.G.s that you know and love, so do rest assured it is all good here.

However, one new shareable opener was the lobster lettuce wrap, with Maine lobster, dill, old bay aioli, all atop bibb lettuce. These un-tacos were a perfectly refreshing and light start to the night. Satisfying all the way around.

And before I dive into the main dishes, the new grilled street corn small plate needs a serious shout out. This may have been one of my favorites all night because it was just so sharply flavorful. The chili-mayo and cotija and lime and cilantro were also so perfectly in unison that it was hard not to keep going back for more spoonfuls. And while some authenticists might be aghast that this street corn is not served on the cob, I was personally pumped that I could indulge without have to bite in. It just made for a more polite devouring.

Now heads up – all of the tacos are new – even the ones that don’t seem new, like the chicken. The chicken taco is now a chicken carbon, with chile de arbol salsa, crema, and chihuahua cheese. Every time I’ve dined at Nada at least one person with me gets a chicken taco because it is that solid. And while it was never typically my go-to, I can say that I found this one as super as one would hope. A good chicken taco from a good place like Nada is going to be a good chicken taco.

We then made a point to try two brand new tacos, one in particular being the caramelized cauliflower, with garlic-whipped goat cheese, scallion, marcona almond, and fresno pepper. This was the first one I bit into and I have to say, I found it to be dynamite, particularly thanks to the garlic-whipped goat cheese. Aye chihuahua.

The other new taco was the crispy kale and mushroom, with roasted cremini and red mole. Even though I was totally digging the cauliflower, of the three, this was definitely my favorite. The mole was muy bien – tasted a bit like tikka masala – so the flavors were bursting. I was a fan.

We then decided to go all in on the steak fajitas, another big new addition to the menu. Here we each were able to assemble the skirt steak, poblano pepper, guac, chipotle crema, and chihuahua cheese to our liking, and it was obvious by the silence around the table that we liked. And we liked this one a lot.

Now dessert is not usually something we spring for, no matter where we dine, because we’re usually perfectly full with all the food we’ve shared and the drinks we’ve drank, but here we decided to throw caution to the wind and try them all. And what is a mexican dessert without some churros? These ended up being the favorite of the table because it is hard not to love a sweetly sugary funnel cake dipped in caramel sauce. Adios my friends, these were yummy.

In the end, Nada did what Nada always does – delivered a super solid spread of things done new and well. We had ourselves an absolute blast, the service was exceptional, the night was just plain great, and I was once again confirmed that Nada is no joke. It is absolutely and always that good.

Thanks so much for having us out to try it all, Nada – we so appreciate it!

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